Code of Ethics


Promoting and rewarding ethical conduct in the leasing profession was one of the primary purposes on which our organization was founded in 1990. In 2000, as part of its 10th anniversary self-examination, NAELB embarked on an aggressive campaign to address ethical issues and upgrade the level of conduct of brokers and funders alike.

Our Code of Ethics and Enforcement Program are designed to benefit not only members but vendors, lessees and others. A complaint may be lodged by following the complaint procedures in effect in accordance with the NAELB Code of Ethics.

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NAELB Best Practices Broker™

The NAELB now offers certification for our members that recognizes one’s ability to apply the Code of Ethics to everyday business practices.

Through the certification process, we are displaying that we have demonstrated our ability to apply the Code to general business practices in situations that we may face during our daily business operations. Those passing the Ethics exam have earned the right to utilize the “NAELB Best Practices Broker™” certification that is licensed by the NAELB.

The test is available at all three NAELB meetings and also available online. The exam consists of two parts – twenty multiple-choice questions and five essay questions. Those wishing to sit for the test must be broker members in good standing for at least two years, and approved by the NAELB Board of Directors. The passing candidates will be entitled to use the designation “NAELB Best Practices Broker™" on their company business cards, letterhead, website, marketing materials, etc.

Please contact NAELB Headquarters for additional information if you are interested in taking the exam.

"The Best Practices Broker™ certification means, that as a broker, I am familiar with the NAELB's Code of Ethics. Each year when we renew our dues with the NAELB, we agree to adhere to the NAELB's Code of Ethics. Each NAELB member does that. A Best Practices Broker™ puts their money where their mouth is and pays a fee to take a test to publicly demonstrate their grasp of the Code of Ethics. Rather than simply read it through, or "click here to accept" we KNOW it. We invested time in studying for it, and at least in my case, it's a public statement that we run our business that way."

Heather von Bargen, BPB
Caladesi Capital, Inc., NAELB Past President

"When the Best Practices Broker™ certification became available, I was one of the first to take, and pass the exam. I was extremely please to see the NAELB put together a test on the Code of Ethics and was happy to demonstrate my knowledge of and adherence to this very important element of membership within the NAELB. Instead of checking a box and providing "lip service" to the Code, I went the extra step to prove that I really understood it and could apply it in "real life" situations. I proudly use and display this designation on all my e-mails and marketing material. I make it a point to let prospects and clients know that I've gone one step above and beyond the "other" brokers in this industry. As a result, I've noticed a distinct and renewed respect from all my contacts in the industry."

Sonia v.M.Stoddard, BPB
Stoddard & Associates, NAELB Past President

Congratulations to the following “NAELB Best Practices Brokers™”:


  • Charles "Bud" Callahan, Jr. CLFP, BPB - National Equipment Leasing, Inc.
  • Donna Cole, BPB – Business Capital Leasing, Inc.
  • Bob Fode, BPB - WB Financial
  • Gary Greene, CLFP, BPB – Lease $mart
  • Mark Gullett, BPB - Manufacturing Technology Capital, Inc.
  • Dan Harris, BPB - Numerica Capital Group, LLC
  • Jack Harvey, CLFP, BPB – Enterprise Financial Solutions, Inc.
  • Theresa Kabot, CLFP, BPB - Kabot Commercial
  • Jaime Kaneshina, CLFP, BPB - The Cambridge Capital Group
  • Brian Link, BPB - InSource Capital Services, Inc.
  • Mike McPherson, CLFP, BPB – Westport Leasing Canada
  • Joan Modes, BPB - Gem Commercial Credit, Inc.
  • Brian Montgomery, BPB – Express Funding Solutions
  • Paul Nibarger, CLFP, BPB - Nibarger Associates
  • Laura Noblin, CLFP, BPB
  • David Normandin, CLFP, BPB, Hamni Bank
  • Barry Reitman, BPB – Keystone Equipment Leasing, Inc.
  • Spencer Richman, CLFP, BPB – American Financial Network, Inc.
  • Bob Underwood, BPB - Specialty Funding Group
  • Sonia v.M.Stoddard, BPB – Stoddard & Associates
  • Heather von Bargen, BPB - Caladesi Capital, Inc.
  • Rosanne Wilson, CLFP, BPB – 1st Independent Leasing, Inc.
  • Bob Zinn, BPB - Capital Leasing Solutions