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Industrial Financial Services, Inc.

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Industrial Financial Services, Inc.


I have been in the finance industry since 1988, starting equipment financing in 1998 on with my own company and added invoice factoring in 2010. In 2016 we started an asset based division that is strictly a collateral only loan product where the loan is approved based on the value of the equipment, no financials needed.

Attended the Ohio State University on a Basketball Scholarship where I studied accounting. After college, played basketball in Spain for a short time before returning to the United States

Have lived and worked in various countries along the way and still find it important to travel and learn new cultures while meeting new people and trying new things

In 2014, I became a board member of the NAELB to help this organization that I love and to learn more about the business from dedicated professionals. In 2013 I also joined the IFA (International Factoring Association) to learn more about that business.